Democrat Strategist “Republicans Will Kill People To Stay in Power, Literally”

Democrat Strategist “Republicans Will Kill People To Stay in Power, Literally”

    James Carville claims Republicans will kill people to remain in office.
    It is a typical scare tactic from the Left. Some Democrat politician, strategist, or media speaker speaks in sound bites and hopes that somebody buys their rhetoric. In their eyes and in their lies, everything that Republicans do is evil. Even when the GOP protects the voting process.


    Recently, James Carville, the “expert” Democrat strategist made just such a wild claim. During an appearance on MSNBC, the 75-year-old consultant criticized the Wisconsin State Elections. 
    At first, Carville stayed in political character, saying, “My quite mission within the short-term is to sound the alarm to mention [that] Mitch McConnell and therefore the Supreme Court — they’re getting to do everything they will to carry onto power.”

    “This thing in Wisconsin was one among the foremost awful things I’ve ever seen in my life,” he added.
    But then, doing what the Left always does, Carville went too far. 

    “The extent that they're going to attend to carry onto power — it had been all about one Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin — they're going to kill people to remain in power, literally.” 
    Carville’s accusation mentioned the recent Wisconsin State Election. Democrat Governor Tony Evers postponed the election and ordered voters to remain home. The conservative-majority Supreme Court overturned that order, and therefore the election went on as scheduled.

    Wisconsin starkly highlighted how important the power to exercise their constitutional rights is to several voters, even during an epidemic. 
    For example, thousands of Milwaukee voters waited in line for up to 2 hours to cast their ballots to e to face. Because so few polling stations were open, he lines sometimes stretched four or five blocks. Overall, however, coronavirus fears meant the was low at just 34%. 
    Somehow, Carville spins the wild theory that blocking the Democratic Governor’s unconstitutional order to postpone the election means Republicans were interfering with the lawful process.

    “What I do fear is what you had in Wisconsin where they struggle to muck with the election and stop people from voting,” Carville said inaccurately.
    Carville Gets it Wrong
    The Democrat side of the story simply doesn’t stand up. Carville and other Left-Wingers say Republicans pushed for the election because it helped one among their candidates win his election. They claim that in-person put Democrats at an obstacle. They don’t explain how that's the case, they only repeat the lie over and once again until it seems like the reality.

    What is the proof that there was no grand Republican plan because the Democrats claim?
     At the middle of the talk was an open State Supreme Court seat. The race was between Democrat Jill Karofsky and Republican Daniel Kelly. Before the elections, polls showed that the race was extremely tight and will go either way. 

    Kelley was the favored incumbent, appointed to the position by the previous Governor in 2016. A postponed election was within the best interests of both Kelly himself and therefore the Republican Party in Wisconsin. Because to win such an in-depth contest during a state with a Democratic Governor, Kelly needed a high vote among Republicans. That was unlikely to happen during the present social distancing situation.
    And it didn’t. Karofsky beat Kelly, with 55% of the vote.
    So much for Republicans “doing everything they will to remain in power”.   

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