DID Michelle Slams Melania:’She’s A Terrible Role Model For America’s Women’

DID Michelle Slams Melania:’She’s A Terrible Role Model For America’s Women’

    Speaking at a recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser, Michelle Obama once more proved that she has absolutely no class.
    For reasons unknown to anybody, Obama was invited to talk for the “wonderful example she has set for the ladies of today.” instead of providing any such examples, however, she decided to use her time at the stage to malign our First Lady in every way she could. She shouted:


    Our First Lady is not any lady in the least. She, through her support of her husband’s policies, is spitting within the face of real women such as you and that I on a day today.

    Real women have the courage to face up for what’s right for others of their gender. She’s a yes woman for the President, nothing more. It seemed initially that she may need good intentions, but those quickly disappeared as she realized that if she disagreed with Cheeto, she would lose her moneymaker. This makes her nothing quite a whore, doing the bidding of a person for payment. The woman of America searches the primary Lady. a minimum of they want to. They searched for me. 
    My multiple ‘Most Admired’ awards prove that. I did my best to point out the woman that they're adequate to men and may do whatever they set their minds to. I showed them that they matter and aren't second class. Melania is doing nothing quite teaching them the way to prostitute themselves.
    And she’s a thief. you'll expect her to steal portions of this speech for a future event…..because she knows I’m good.”

    This “woman” features a lot of nerve. How dare she suggest that the primary Lady is anything but the gorgeous, sexy, and excellent example of womanhood that she is.   

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