Does Trump Deserve 2nd Term? VOTE NOW

Does Trump Deserve 2nd Term? VOTE NOW

    Before we ask Does Trump Deserve 2nd Term? we should always know that New poll finds most voters believe Trump will win reelection — even many that don’t want him to.

    The new poll found most voters believe he will win albeit they don’t want him to possess a second term. Individual voters’ confidence within the president’s chances were starkly divided along partisan lines: Republicans were highly confident during a Trump victory come November, with 59 percent telling pollsters a second term may be a certainty and 34 percent saying winning is probable. Conversely, only 38 percent of Democrats said Trump is probably going to win another term in office. 
    those who feel he should win. Most — 55 percent — said they might wish to see someone new occupying the Oval Office, while 42 percent said they feel Trump deserves reelection. It isn’t clear what percentage Republicans would really like to ascertain Trump replaced supported this polling, because it didn't break these values down by party affiliation. However, other polling shows the president with record approval ratings among GOP voters.

    Monmouth’s pollsters also asked about possible changes to the state order: 56 percent of Democrats said that nobody state should go first, instead of saying there should be one, one-day primary to settle on their party’s nominee.

    Regardless, New Hampshire still has its vote Tuesday. Then there'll be a sprint through a primary in South Carolina and a caucus in Nevada before diving into Super Tuesday. By then, voters will have a firmer grasp on how this year’s nomination race will shake out.

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