Here We Go: Michelle Obama Enters 2020 Circus Season With Campaign For Voter Advocacy In Detroit

Here We Go: Michelle Obama Enters 2020 Circus Season With Campaign For Voter Advocacy In Detroit

    here has been tons of speculation that none aside from America’s self-described, ‘forever First Lady‘, Michelle Obama, was getting to come running into the dumpster fire that's the Democrat race for the Presidential nomination and save the day.
    Now that the Democratic National Committee and their pawns have coalesced around, what looks to me to be, a senile old white guy who goes by the name of Joe Biden, so as to form sure a ‘real’ socialist doesn't get the nomination, the dust is starting to settle. 
    I can only assume that the important power players within the DNC, those who are calling the shots and have their hands firmly up the rear ends of the choice makers, understand what the straightforward folk such as you and that i understand: Joe Biden hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell against President Trump.

    Even after Biden had his ‘miraculous’ and organic (lol) come from behind win on Super Tuesday, Biden couldn't keep his foot out of his mouth, confusing his wife for his … sister:

    Now, enter the potential candidate who checks all the boxes: Female, many melanins in her skin, cult following, married to the cult of personality referred to as Barack Hussein Obama.

    Hell, even Biden’s supporters aren't thrilled about the prospect of the previous vice-chairman being the good great white hope of the TDS crowd: 

    In a Democrat universe where experience means nothing and identity politics is everything, Michelle looks like the right person to either are available and take the nomination during a brokered convention or to ‘street cred up’ a ticket featuring a senile, kid touching, old white guy. 
    ‘The former First Lady is holding a voter advocacy rally for “When We All Vote” in Detroit late this month.
    The rally was announced earlier today.
    There are not any coincidences.’

    The article then went on to quote the SFGate:
    ‘Former first lady Michelle Obama plans to host a rally in Detroit later this month for a nonpartisan, nonprofit voter advocacy organization she co-chairs.

    When We All Vote announced Wednesday that Obama is scheduled to headline the free, ticketed event at the University of Detroit Mercy. It’s hospitable to the organization’s volunteers and partners, also as educators, college students, and high school students who are eligible to vote.
    Obama et al. launched once we All choose 2018 to spice upvoting.’ 

    Of course, this doesn't mean that Michelle is planning on entering the race, but the timing sure is curious. There are thousands of reasons the previous First Lady would be returning onto the political playing field, but the one that stands bent me is that the potential to return riding in on a Gulfstream private jet to rally the bottom and hop on the Dems’ 2020 ticket.
    I guess we'll need to wait and see what happens, but I don't think this is often such an extended shot, do you? 

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