Pelosi Blames McConnell For Stimulus Delay, Gives Trump An ‘F’ For Preparedness

Pelosi Blames McConnell For Stimulus Delay, Gives Trump An ‘F’ For Preparedness

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Senate legislator Mitch McConnell for delaying the passage of additional stimulus funding amid the coronavirus pandemic and gave President Donald Trump an “F” for his handling of the crisis, during an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

    “Mitch McConnell likes to mention we delayed the bill, no, he delayed the bill. a fortnight ago, he came to the ground and said this is often all we’re doing just the 250. Democrats were reunited within the House and Senate,” Pelosi said. “The Senate Democrats visited the ground and said no, no thereto, we have a far better idea about hospitals and testing and more funds for all of the companies, the lower we could say unbankable small businesses.”

    She continued, “So we were very happy that he finally came over to the very fact that we had to travel forward with this. So he was the one dalliance. I say that because I keep hearing him say we delayed, no, he delayed. But here we are and we’re able to continue to subsequent bill and help our heroes.”

    Senate Republicans and Democrats passed a bill to supply a further $500 billion to the CARES Act. The bill allocates over $322 billion for the Payment Protection Program that ran out of funding last week. It also gives $60 billion to small businesses, $75 billion to hospitals, and $25 billion to ramping up coronavirus testing.

    Pelosi added, “There’s a boy scout saying ‘proper preparedness prevents poor performance.’ Well, that was exactly why the President gets an ‘F.’ He wasn't properly prepared, not with the reality, with the facts, or the admission of what was happening in our country. Delay, whatever, delay, denial, death, instead we’d wish to see him enforce the reality and that we must enforce the reality with him.” 

    Senate legislator Mitch McConnell applauded the bipartisan agreement on the Senate floor Tuesday, however, he said, “It’s unfortunate that it took our Democratic colleagues 12 days to comply with a deal that contains essentially nothing that Republicans every opposed.”

    McConnell added, “In my view, it’s indefensible that Main Street small businesses and their workers had their assistance stop for partisan leverage. That was the word of choice for one leading House Democrat “leverage.” The American people can't be political “leverage.” So I'm glad we’re now poised to maneuver ahead.”    

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