Biden: If you can't choose me over Trump, 'you ain't black'

 Biden: If you can't choose me over Trump, 'you ain't black'

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he "shouldn't have been so cavalier" in remarks that he said "not black" African Americans backed by President Donald Trump.
    During a conference call Friday afternoon with the US, Biden addressed the controversy. After his comments earlier that day during an interview with a popular black radio host, the Black Chamber of Commerce stirred up a controversy over how he was condescending to African American voters.


    Trump's campaign condemned Biden 's initial remarks, claiming that "a white man who is 77 years old" was attempting to tell black Americans how to vote.   
    Charlamagne Tha God has pressed Biden on news that he is considering Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is white, as vice president and told him black voters "saved your political life in the primaries" and "have things they want from you."
    "I don't remember anybody that's being considered," Biden said. "But I guarantee multiple black women are considered. Multiple."

    A Biden aide then tried to end the interview, leading the host to say, "Black media can not do that."
    Biden replied, "I'm doing it to black media and white media," and his wife said they had to use the TV studio.   
    He then added: "If you're having trouble figuring out if you're for me or Trump, you 're not black."
    The host countered that conversations about Biden's running mate are not about Trump, who is viewed as racist by many black voters.

    "Look at my record," Biden said, citing his work as a senator to prolong the 1965 Voting Rights Act. "Every time I race, NAACP has endorsed me. Come on, look at my record."
    During his campaign, Biden has stressed his alliance with black voters, emphasizing his dependence on black voters in his Delaware Senate races and his collaboration as the top lieutenant former President Barack Obama in the primary campaign.   
    Black voters revived Biden's campaign with a second-place finish in the Nevada caucuses and a resounding victory in the South Carolina primary after beginning with disappointing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire predominantly white.

    Older black voters particularly sided with Biden over a broad Democratic field comprising several black candidates, including Kamala Harris. It is generally speculated that the California senator is a contender for the Vice-Presidential nomination. Other prominent black women named include Georgia advocate for voting rights Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Florida Rep. Val Demings, Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, and Susan Rice, Obama's former U.S. Ambassador to the UN.
    Biden used a CNBC interview separately on Friday to criticize a Chinese government plan to crack down on semi-autonomous Hong Kong, implying that Trump is not being vocal enough in his opposition. Trump did not join that response immediately, but State Secretary Mike Pompeo issued a statement condemning China's effort and calling it "a death knell for the high degree of autonomy" that Beijing had promised the territory.

    Biden described Trump 's response as "silence" which is "devastating" to non-democratic nations people around the world. "All it does is promote dictators and criminals," Biden said. "See who he's embracing, and see who he's poking into the eye."

    During his presidency, Trump carefully stepped around relations between Hong Kong and Beijing, expressing agreement with the bipartisan U.S. support for Hong Kong, but also praising Chinese President Xi Jinping in the context of ongoing trade.   
    Biden said he would be "at the U.N." calling for an "overwhelming breach not only of an agreement but of human rights" in Beijing.

    Communist leaders in Beijing proposed legislation on national security that could limit opposition activity in Hong Kong, a former British colony that enjoys more democracy in the Western-style than the rest of China. The step has sparked bipartisan calls for sanctions against Beijing on Capitol Hill.   

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