Celebrities To Trump: We Are Patriots,Love Our Country. Donald Trump Is The Worst President In U.S History And We Will Not Stop Until We Get Rid Of His Sh*thole President.’Do You Support Trump If He Deport All Of Them?

Celebrities To Trump: We Are Patriots,Love Our Country. Donald Trump Is The Worst President In U.S History And We Will Not Stop Until We Get Rid Of His Sh*thole President.’Do You Support Trump If He Deport All Of Them?

    Big names Comment React to Trump: 'Can't wait until we get rid of the president.'
    Big names mixed to social media on Thursday to criticize the reported use of "to depict a few nations in the midst of an immigration meeting speech by President Donald Trump.


    The Washington Post reported Thursday that Trump used the swear word when addressing nations like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations in the middle of an Oval Office meeting to negotiate a possible bipartisan immigration settlement.

    "Why do we have all these people coming here from Shithole countries? "The Post quoted as telling the president.    
    Trump refuted the statement Friday in a post to his Twitter account, saying Democrats had "made up" the comment to dishonor him.

    Nevertheless, Hollywood actors and media personalities tried to blame the president for bigotry, including vocalist John Legend, who blamed Trump for his "entire public life" as a racist.
    Actor Ben Stiller: "Haitians were a large part of the American melting pot ... 14% of us Haitians were administrative and professional in 1990-lawyers, scientists, teachers, physicians, business managers. That figure was 24 percent by 2010... Haitians are a people of pride and resilience and their country is not.   
    Actor George Takei: "Trump seems to want more Norwegians, and less people from African" shithole "nations. You know what a shithole is, really? The goddamned voice of Trump ».
    Writer Michael Moore: "To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, those are not" shithole nations, "since Donald Trump is not their president."

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