Dan Crenshaw just mopped the floor with Bill Maher using nothing but facts – no audience to save him

Dan Crenshaw just mopped the floor with Bill Maher using nothing but facts – no audience to save him

    Rep. Dan Crenshaw left HBO's "Real Time" host Bill Maher in the dust of an epic takedown as he defended the handling of the coronavirus epidemic by President Trump. The name of the Texas Republican began circulating on social media after he torched the liberal comedian, who shot his show without his cheering crowd, expertly enlightened him with the truth, and skillfully challenged Trump's apparent hate.


    The two began the segment with each other's congratulations, as Maher thanked the former Navy SEAL for its handling of the "Saturday Night Live" debacle when Pete Davidson laughed at him losing his eye while serving in Afghanistan.

    "Thank you for your work to point out victim culture," Maher said, following Crenshaw's comments about the HBO host being a "true liberal," and stressing the need for "open-mindedness and the opportunity to debate," which Maher then jumped into. "Help me to understand how anyone who advocates for the outward assigning of the blame can be such a supporter of the president who does nothing but pass the buck, lie, fingerprint, shirk accountability," said Maher, quoting a quote from the book of the fresh Congressman, "Fortitude: American Resilience in the Age of Outrage." "Tell me how you can help, someone with your experience, someone like that," Maher said.

    "Trump didn't take long to get up," Crenshaw quipped. "You know, I'd say I support the country and surely the success of the president is tied to the country's success. I support his policy agenda, I freely disagree with it when I disagree with his policy agenda." "Republicans always get this question asked, and there's this demand that we always have to address, what do you think of him? You don't want to comment on his new tweet and his old one, how he hit out, so I don't, "added Crenshaw. "I can't justify it all, he doesn't have the same look as I do. I don't treat him in any way as my spiritual leader.
    He mentioned how proud he was to satisfy former President Obama during a hospital visit after he had been wounded, emphasizing how he didn't accept as true with him politically but was honored by the office, adding that he hoped people would come to feel that way about Trump.
    “You mention his tweets in his style, I’m not talking that. I’m talking about the one that is that the leader of the country at a time of crisis,” Maher countered, going into the timeline of the coronavirus pandemic, claiming Trump was warned about it in January. Looking to essentially blame the president for the COVID-19 deaths, Maher went on to mention the January 31 travel ban with China wasn't enough, though liberals at the time slammed the president for being “xenophobic” and “racist.” ⇆ The “Real-Time” host accused the president of “lying” about it because people “are still coming in” from China, claiming Trump’s order affected only “foreign nationals.” “The reality is about 40,000 people came in then. These were U.S. citizens and green-card holders and passport holders being repatriated. U.S. citizens. So you've got to form the argument then that we shouldn’t allow them in,” Crenshaw countered. “It sounds to me that you’re fully believing President Trump on this one, and everybody else disagreed with him. And if you’re saying that the travel restriction should are more extreme, then fine. You clearly had the foresight some time past, but nobody else did,” he added. Crenshaw also reminded Maher of the very fact that former vice chairman Joe Biden vocally slammed Trump’s travel ban at the time, as did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who even proposed legislation to prevent the order. But Maher was bent proving the president downplayed the severity of the outbreak and thought he would use out-of-context quotes to form his point. “He says it’s getting to get away in April with the warmth. Because he had a hunch,” Maher said. “He said… 15 people have it and it’s soon getting to be on the brink of zero. March 6, he said anyone who wants a test can catch on, which remains completely wrong.” But without his fans to punctuate his digs with cheers and applause, Maher was left defenseless within the face of Crenshaw’s expert reality check. “Your criticism appears to be supported one thing — that Trump was overly optimistic,” Crenshaw said. “That’s his style. you'll criticize it, that’s fine, but it’s not connected to the actions that were actually taken.” “I provide all of that context as we attempt to basically accuse this man of, well, he’s being accused of getting blood on his hands,” Crenshaw continued. ⇆ “And context is so important here. If we’re getting to criticize somebody’s actions, we've to try to to it with the facts they knew at the time. So I’m just trying to be fair here,” the lawmaker added. “I don’t really care about defending him or his actions. I just care about letting people know the reality. And when people make these accusations, I even have to ask them a question: Is that the goal to form Trump look bad, or is that the goal to urge to the truth? Because there are two separate sets of answers for that.” Maher continued to press, however, looking more sort of a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome within the face of Crenshaw’s calm and logical counter-argument. “Is that somebody you'd want to possess served with? I mean my God, I don’t understand again why someone together with your resume, you were in Fallujah for God’s sakes, would you would like somebody, a commander to mention that to you, responsible everybody else if something goes wrong, then to mention, you know, I even have a hunch the enemy’s not getting to be in there. Let’s attack,” Maher said. “So here’s how I describe my answer thereto. When bullets are flying past my head, I don’t get to raise my voice,” Crenshaw shot back. “Calm breeds calm, panic breeds panic. Being an optimistic positive, exuding positivity and quietness in crisis is strictly how we ask our SEALs to steer,” he added. “I’m unsure I see tons of evidence for blaming others.” The congressman’s name began trending on Twitter soon after he dropped the “Truth MOAB” on Maher. “One of the simplest takedowns of Maher,” wrote one Twitter user. “No fake applause to make noise the reality .” “Bill Maher gets REKT without the high production spell that's Hollywood. No phony studio audience to save lots of him,” writer and television host Austen Fletcher tweeted. “I gotta admit: [Dan Crenshaw] has more tools in his kit than a whole Home Depot. A seamless performance,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeted.

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