Dear America, It’s Time To Stop Calling Donald Trump ‘President’

Dear America, It’s Time To Stop Calling Donald Trump ‘President’

    A president tasks himself or herself to lead a nation as a whole, undivided − and this man chooses to villainize huge swathes of it instead.
    Be that as it may be.


    The greatest threat to the society of my generation will somehow not be the insane 9/11 terrorists but a delusional jackass in a power suit. I'm not going to tell my grandchildren that I defeated an occupying army but that I conquered trolls and bots. I'm never going to hear about the danger in movie reels or newspaper cartoons through tweets and hashtags. I guess it is going to be walls instead of internment camps.

    Rest assured, however, the challenge we face is no different from any great war in American history Another power abuser with an odd face and weirder voice believes if he talks loud enough, and frequently enough, that a country will be his. That is not in black and white except in this case. This is in the GIF and in gif. And it is not a different country: it is ours. And instead of bombs and bullets, the fights of this war will be fought with propaganda, disinformation, and disillusionment. It's the sort of mad war that instigates fake wars to distract from the actual war.

    It's a bad screenplay, but it's our screenplay, and we need to make it live and survive.
    But before we throw words like "tyranny" or "dictator" around juicy Jeopardy, let's first frame this as it really is,   Which is not yet high-trait financial, cybercrime, and everything else will come to roost one day, I promise, pinky-swear: no, right now it's that dumb cartoon where the captain on a sinking ship cut from cannon fodder to Swiss cheese runs frantically around, preventing one leak only to see another sprout up. And one thing is true, that is:
    That funny-looking captain which sounds funny? He's descending with the plane. He and his friends, being comically dumb.
    So welcome to the point of inflection which needs some new terminology.   

    It is time to stop calling him "president," for he is not a president. A president tasks himself or herself to lead a nation as a whole, undivided − and this man chooses to villainize huge swathes of it instead. You don't have to call him president anymore because that's what his title or our constitution says he's − he's just the con artist who used one to get the other, and he doesn't believe in either. He is not your president because, to his end, he uses the office as a tool, rather than a tool to yours. You don't have to do so, because he doesn't just break every pledge he made to the American people generally, he keeps the hidden promises he made to others.    

    The presidency is the highest function in our land, and he thinks meaning it's miles virtually our maximum powerful ― not our most sacred. you don’t have to call him president when his appointments to positions of energy are his closest family members, now not the applicants who're maximumly capable. you don’t have to name him president if he took your child’s special desires training, or your daughter’s proper to select, or your health care, or the jeopardy of our shared planet’s health. surely positioned: you don’tHave to name him president because he took those, too.
    He isn’t Nixon and he isn’t Hitler (not going there!), however, he genuinely thinks he can hijack records. that makes him a villain, and the maximum unique breed of villain: the psycho kind! and yes, i imply that medically: he is delusional, creates his own realities, and appears utterly untethered from fact. the dude still sees himself in a boardroom ― an oval one ― and he’s just loopy enough to think a country can be offered low and bought excessive, As though this was any other investment in his portfolio. he forgot this country become round lengthy before him, and will be around long after him, especially after he has been formidable enough to teach us this very precious lesson.

    So no, you don’t have to call him president.

    Particularly if we want to get technical right here and go to the tape, whilst the person didn’t even win the election. no, we can’t qualify how many votes have been “flipped,” to paraphrase a woefully undermanned (and now not independently-fueled)Congressional listening to, however, he stole the whole rattling aspect. and also you don’t need to audit internet traffic, fake headlines, and the bots that amplified that faux traffic (uh, i commenced a unique approximately this 5 years in the past... and it’s nearly achieved, so hang on!), or something else to show it... he’s proving it with each unmarried movement in this crappy cable-tv police procedural movie we’re dwelling via. it’s in how he dismisses those who oppose him, installs figureheads who won’t elevate a finger, and discredits and distracts everybody “foolish” enough to pay some attention. he thinks he can cowl this up like he thinks that orange crap he puts on his face covers him up.  
    Like i said... delusional.

    However, right here’s the deal.

    If we’re all in the settlement he didn’t earn the office of president and hasn’t earned that identity via an unmarried shred of motion due to the fact that then we’re no longer going to name him president and should do something else.

    You've got to name everybody else.

    Your senators. your congresspeople. The forms of people who can step in wherein others are being deposed, and keep on the baton.
    Because at the same time as i hate to mention it, welcome to the frontline, the USA. conflict. the type that melts birthday celebration traces and defines your hearth chats as an old character with grandkids on your lap and cataracts in your eyes. change that vintage-timey pipe for a vape, and envision it: you’re about to define your legacy.

    It’s at that time. the one while making a decision to stand with each other American in our country’s history who shedDemocrat and republican shades for the unifying colors of the flag, who saw a criminal in a function of strength and volunteered to fight. we’re fortunate. at least our state’s notable villain is already in retreat, but rest confident, history remains repeating itself, and can still pass any other manner. he has time to do more harm. to start wars. to decimate economies, and climates, and the education of a whole era.

    Overlook partisanship and consider the root phrase, partisan, as inside the other which means of the phrase—the partisans who fought in shadows towards not possible odds, with fewer weapons but truer motives. they fought for what turned into proper on behalf of those who wanted it.

    I don’t think all and sundry desires to belong to the opposite group, that special fraternity of future apologists who had been “just following orders” and “couldn’t have known.” you understand the sort. they’re those stinking up congress toeing birthday party traces and averting the plain ― that's due manner ― and an impartial feeInto what came about inside the fall of 2016.

    There will by no means be a draft to combat this conflict because this, like any battles in opposition to democracy and reality, would require democracy to arise for itself with the one weapon it has and will constantly have.

    You, the people.

    I have no remarkable track report a good way to all observe, however, i assume i will make a few pointers. make calls to the human beings constitutionally obligated to listen. then make a few demands. make donations to the people who've pledged to fight. then make it recurring. make amends with what has already come about. make time to pay attention, now not just to the radio, or tv, however to those who may disagree with you. and most of all, make damn sure of one factor:

    By no means, ever name your son Donald.   

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