Do you Reject the Vote by Mail option?

Do you Reject the Vote by Mail option?

    Voting by mail makes cheats and mistakes worse. Yes, it is a reality. You must know what they want to play in this game.


    The main reasons are here:

    1. Over the years, we've seen deep-rooted, liberal foundations spending hundreds of millions of dollars to change the rules of the electoral process.

    2. Elections are decentralized because decentralization promotes freedom and stability.

    3. We are blessed with living in the country - even in times of crisis - which continues to nurture and protect the original decentralized architecture of our electoral system.  

    The congressional struggle for the act on easing the coronavirus has ended. Attempts to federalize US decisions, including through the required voice correspondence and limited early democracies, have failed. The winners were those who tried to maintain state power over the races.
    In the middle of a world war, not all cases seemed apt. For example, the previous chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, was wrong when he wrote on these pages that sending ballot papers was "basically not susceptible to massive extortion."

    Mr. Steele and his co-author, Eli Lehrer, should never have visited places where extortion of mail polling caused a pandemic. Otherwise, they would question it.
    For example, in the Rio Grande Valley, the Politiquerias meandering colonies, chasing the most helpless voters, and handing them over an electoral card. In County Cameron, In Texas, nine politicians have been accused of misleading voters about mail polling forms. Usually, poor people and elders lose their votes on electorate forms.
    It's not just one province in Texas. At the time we were in the Department of Justice, we were involved in a case of forced voting by post in Noxubee County, Mississippi. A government court found that the false ballot posting was authentic and part of a structured plan to disappoint voters.

    This is how it worked. The reapers pulled out forms to query mail from mailboxes to lists of people they knew. Then they hit the entrances, probing nearby forms, offering "help" in voting. The reapers then completed voting forms for their newcomers, not paying attention to what their expected voters had informed.   
    Judicial administration contains a sad statement by one of the victims, Susan Wood. Asked why she allowed the collector to complete the voting form, Ms. Wood said that the collector "knows people" better than she - an example of trust deceived.

    In 2011, a nearby political employer was convicted in Troy, New York for submitting false voting forms. Asked why he focused on voters who lived in low-income apartments, he said it was because they were much more reluctant to complain or notice that their form of voting had been adopted.

    People who submit forced voting forms are regularly in places of relative control over the voter. Victims occasionally hesitate to talk to law-approving officials, given that those who commit offenses - collectors - live among them and are regularly very politically connected.   It is worth paying attention to the resources of the Department of Justice to break up the case in Noxubee and uncover the plot.

    Forcing the collection of votes is not the end of problems with voting. States depending on this technique inevitably send stacks of survey forms to outdated deliveries or to registrants who have dug up the basket.

    This is due to the fact that voter lists are affected by errors. California voter lists remain corrupt, and many have expired, as do voters who provide their home address. In Swissvale, Pennsylvania, one man had seven synchronous, dynamic recruitment of voters in a similar location. Voicemail would send seven voting forms to this house.
    Proponents of voting do not understand the degree of disasters on US voter lists. They do not understand several thousand existing records. They do not understand the problem of surrogate registrations - in cases where many registrations do not have full locations. Also,    
    people who understand this have decided to ignore these and other glaring problems.

    Now add to each of these issues the simple truth that voting mail is completely covered by postal assistance - a similar set that routinely gives you your neighbor's mail.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell deserves great praise for his unwavering efforts to make postal voting mandatory in every state. His position saved the sacred game plan, in which countries, not people in D.C., have the opportunity to learn how to run their own races.

    For a long time, we have seen deeply taken, liberal institutions burn a huge number of dollars to change the rules of the decision-making process. They are fairly in favor of federating political race rules, which would allow Washington DC administrators to govern the conditions of state races.  
    Decisions are decentralized given that decentralization facilitates independence and security. We'll be mourning the day government officials order our decision guidelines. The Founders knew better because they recognized the radical intrusiveness of injustice.

    We are fortunate to live in a nation that amid all values and retains the first decentralized design of our budgetary system – in any case, during emergency snapshots. We need to keep it.     

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