New White House Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany Is a Class Act at the Podium

New White House Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany Is a Class Act at the Podium

    White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has been telling CBN News that the intentions of God can be seen in the administration of Donald Trump.


    David Brody: "Clearly God has changed your life. And here's Donald Trump as President of the United States and just showing a sense of humor, that Donald Trump is President. Who would have thunk it? And yet, here he is. How do you see God in all that, this idea of Providence and this idea, I asked Sarah in that position, a few years ago, is Donald Trump put there by God 'for such a time as this?'   
    Kayleigh McEnany: "I think, look, prayer has made a difference in this election. And that's not to say I believe God places it, not to say He 's putting a certain political party in a certain place at a time, but I believe certain people are meant to be in positions at a certain moment. I think President Trump is the individual intended for this moment, and I think prayer has made a huge difference in the campaign.I think someone needed that country to fight for life, to fight for religious freedom. And I think President Trump was that person and he's done it with the judges he's put in place, with the Mexico City policy ensuring it federal dollars don't go to abortions, and including religious freedom in his UN speech was important. There's just so much he has done for the Christian community to fight for. So I sure believe he's been here for a while at this moment, as we all are.       

    White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany closed the press briefing on Friday by calling on members of the press not to ask questions regarding Michael Flynn.
    In response to a question about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, McEnany posed a few important questions to the press that she said "any good journalists" would want answered.
    "I put a number of questions that any good journalist would want to know why people were unmasked," McEnany started asking if anyone in the room had followed up on their questions. 


    "Wow, hasn't a single writer asked that question? "She asked, introduced her slides, and suggested that the answers to her questions be considered by all over the holiday weekend. "You may be visual learners and you guys are going to follow up with journalistic curiosity," she added.
    The questions she asked were as follows:
    1. Why did the Obama Administration spy on Trump campaign leaders using opposition research, sponsored by a political party and packed with international dirt?
    2. Why did Obama's chief of staff, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and others unmask Lt. Gen., Michael Flynn?
    3. Why was the identity of Flynn leaked to the press — a criminal act?   
    4. Why did the DOJ find out about the FBI 's involvement in Flynn's talks with the Russian Amb? Through an Oval Office Conversation with Obama?
    5. Why did James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice admit privately, under oath, that they had no evidence of collusion while publicly saying the opposite?
    6. "It's a long weekend" said McEnany. "You guys have three days to follow up on these questions and I definitely hope that some hands can go up the next time I ask. Because those questions should be asked to Obama's spokesperson, because it would certainly be the spokespeople of President Trump.

    7. McEnany closed her folder after her last sentence, and walked out of the briefing room.   

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