Trump says he spoke with George Floyd's family: 'I just expressed my sorrow'

Trump says he spoke with George Floyd's family: 'I just expressed my sorrow'

    President Donald Trump said Friday that he met with members of the family of George Floyd, calling them "terrific people" and saying that Floyd's demonstrations in Minneapolis were "bad for memory," who died earlier this week at the hands of police.


    "I talked to family members, great people, and we're going to update as time goes by," Trump said Friday evening during an event at the White House.
    "I've just expressed my sorrow," Trump continued, adding that "it looked like there was no excuse for it."    

    Trump said he could tell the family that he was "deeply saddened" and that he could see "they missed their dad."
    Floyd, a black man, died Monday when a white Minneapolis police officer used his knee to pin Floyd down on the ground for nearly nine minutes after he was taken into custody. The incident was captured on several cameras and Floyd can be heard arguing with the cop, saying, "I can't breathe."
    Earlier this week the White House said Trump had seen a recording of Floyd 's death.

    "He was clearly in great pain and couldn't breathe," Trump said of Friday's footage, "it was really clear to everyone who was watching it."   

    Trump said he asked the Department of Justice to speed up the federal investigation into Floyd 's death, adding that "hopefully all can be treated fairly."
    Derek Chauvin, the cop on Floyd's side, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon and charged with murder and manslaughter in the third degree. Chauvin was dismissed from the Minneapolis Police Department on Tuesday along with three other officers who witnessed Floyd 's death.  

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