VIDEO Ilhan Omar: ’After We Win, Deportations Of Trump Supporters Begins’

VIDEO Ilhan Omar: ’After We Win, Deportations Of Trump Supporters Begins’

    Democrats are proving they are nothing more than regular fascist scum. We want to limit or remove all our fundamental rights and freedoms and every day we disclose the option.
    The ultra-modern instance of a liberal pronouncing on the arena they would be ideal fascists comes from the mouth of Minnesota house representative, Ilhan Omar, who these days told a colleague of her birthday celebration plans for the USA should the Democrats retake control of the white residence:


    "President Trump and his allies Attempted to kill America with their illegal acts and violations of the Constitution. This can't go unpunished, and couldn't.   
    Trump, of course, will be charged and tried as soon as he gets removed from office for his crimes, as can the rest of his family, including the little Barron. Just look at the kid's profile. You know there was something up to him. Most of the rest, he's almost rotted.

    However his followers are more difficult. We may be guilty of crimes against the United States. This might not be doubtful. In his call they bolstered a desire to be a despot and committed hate crimes.

    They were advocates for shredding many of the charter's elements that trump found to be "hard" They may be anti-American and possibly will continue to seek to undermine the nation even after trump is imprisoned.   
    When serving in the 2017 Minnesota Legislature, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was one of two state officials casting a ballot against a bill that would require insurance companies to square payouts to fear-mongers family members.
    The Paper, H.F. 1397, imposing limits on "installments for beneficiaries of people who support fear-mongering."
    Accordingly, the bill knew of the 2015 San Bernardino shooting massacre, in which 14 people were shot and executed. The culprits-Syed Rizwan Farook and his best half Tashfeen Malik-took out a total of $275,000 for two life coverage techniques.     
    The government has prosecuted and sued for keeping the cash and using it for the survivors and the families of the victims, as shown by the Daily Caller Foundation

    Rep. John Lesch, the other lawmaker who voted against the measure, said at the time that he did so because he did not allow insurance companies to select what is called psychological warfare.
    "[The bill] requires an insurance provider, not a judge, to determine what constitutes a display of psychological exploitation under the resolution referred to, and it weighs down the call on the prevalence of the facts," Lesch told Alpha News, a Minnesota-based news outlet.     

    "Fear-based oppressors ought not have the option to send extra security advantages to recipients dependent on dishonesty late strategy buys. I figure we would all be able to concede to that," he said. 
    Omar didn't offer a clarification at that point. 
    Omar's office didn't react to CNSNews.com's solicitation for input.

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