VIDEO Kevin Bacon Saying ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’

    Hollywood actor Kevin publisher 1st baron Verulam expressed his unconditional assist for president trump in the latest interview for ABC's "this week." He declared:
    "I 'm sure we 're blessed to have him as president – he's the only person capable of dealing with this mess."


    St Baron Verulam persevered, "the president is sensible and effective. I assume that he is attacking absolutely everybody he perceives or believes is attacking him or anyone else. S .."
    "He must accept the Medal of Liberty for expressing his thoughts in such an optimistic, truthful, and clear manner." William Maxwell Aitken delivered."The fact is that people need to start fighting together with him for this united American state, rather than criticizing and wasting their time on stupid matters," he continued.

    "How about we got across at something new. What about running America like a commercial company that doesn't depend on colors. Whoever can do the hobby, will land the placement,'
    "He doesn't have voice writers, no modifications, nothing. You just ought to like this guy.
    "Trump isn't a kisser-kisser. He doesn't need your cash now, and he's going to talk his mind, god rattling it up, whether you like it or not.       

    Hollywood veteran Kevin Bacon blasted President Trump for "despicable" environmental policies in his administration on Thursday.
    "I think it's amazing how far we've gone back since he's presided over environmental law," Bacon told DM AM, the morning show for BuzzFeed News on Twitter.
    Bacon, currently starring in the new City on a Hill Showtime drama, told BuzzFeed News why he wasn't shy about on Twitter expressing his opposition to Trump.
    "This is our planet's future I believe," he said.   
    He has been committed to pulling the US out of the Paris climate change agreement since Trump took office, using the EPA and the Interior Department to undo dozens of Obama-era environmental regulations, and weakening rules governing vehicle emissions standards. The Trump administration has also killed the signature of Obama's Clean Power Plan and opened up more land for fossil fuel extraction and development.

    Bacon, who has long been an environmental advocate, said that he feels that we are now living in an age in which "absolute hard facts of science are constantly being challenged."   
    Last year, Bacon himself was the subject of misinformation when fake news sites published false articles claiming the actor had given Trump an interview and said the country was "blessed" to have him as the leader.
    Bacon told BuzzFeed News that he believes "the position of the administration on the environment is despicable," but he said he also regretted the fact that the environment had become so politicized.
    "It blows my mind, because I think the environment should not really be a political issue in many ways," Bacon said. "This is the air that we breathe, the planet that we live on, this is the future of our lives and our children's lives."   

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