Barbra Streisand: 20,000 Dead Because Of Donald Trump

Barbra Streisand: 20,000 Dead Because Of Donald Trump

    Hollywood star Streisand managed to find during a promo for her single “ Don't Confuse Me ”from her 2018 album Walls during a speech alleging that President Donald Trump is personally responsible for the very 20,000 deaths among us thanks to coronavirus. The accusatory tweet posted on Easter Sunday said that Trump is “ unfit ”to steer the government.


    Barbra Streisand, who championed Hillary Clinton in 2016, lashed out in her vitriolic tweet at President Trump with the help of calling him incompetent and a liar. "Now, with almost 20,000 people died because of his ignorance and lies, he has proven that they can't handle reality.   

    He's undeserving of guiding this country ... particularly during a time of disaster, "wrote the oscar-triumphing actress.
    Partitions becoming song was written as an anti-trump screed, accusing the president of being unable, to tell the truth.

    The grammy-winner on social media has repeatedly expressed her antipathy towards president trump.
    The Hollywood superstar tweeted a violent 12-month photo closing depicting a bloodied president trump impaled by the heel of a shoe belonging to the speaker nancy Pelosi (d-ca). Prior to that year, she tweeted that president trump would be the first "weather denier" to be away from the workplace.  

     Currently, Streisand expressed her support for presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, affirming that she "wholeheartedly" endorses his white house bid.
    "I support Joe Biden as President with all my heart. In November, Trump was defeated before doing more damage to our democracy, our climate, our safety and security, and standing in the global arena, "she wrote in March.

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