Patricia Heaton asks why ‘any civilized person’ would support the Democratic Party

Patricia Heaton asks why ‘any civilized person’ would support the Democratic Party

    Actress Patricia Heaton questioned Wednesday why, despite her "barbaric" position on abortion, any "civilized human" should help the Democratic Party!


    "I don't understand why people who are pro-life want to know if they are 'welcome' to join the Democratic Party," Ms Heaton tweeted to her 427,000 followers. "Why would any decent person want to support a barbaric forum that advocates abortion for any reason for all nine months of taxpayers' funding? "And Ms. Heaton, an outspoken conservative, said she left the Democratic Party decades ago because of her views on the pro-life side.    

    "I was born as a Democrat — protested the war in Vietnam, supported migrant farmworkers, etc.," she wrote. "The minute democrats attacked the [most] weak and voiceless among us, I was out." The two-time Emmy-winning actress explained that she does not vote Republican, either, and is "not a Trump supporter."

    "Both Obama and Trump put children in cages and I voted for neither of them," she wrote.
    "Republican policymakers are cowards. And I don't believe in politics anymore. Just philanthropy, "she added. "S.P. During the previous Presidential term, I didn't vote and I won't vote in this one. I don't support Trump.    

    I think our governance structure is greater than any individual holding office, "she told one consumer. "Some things got worse, others even better. I don't like Trump but I don't see him in an apocalyptic way.
    Democrats seem at odds on whether becoming a pro-life Democrat is still appropriate.
    Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said Tuesday that she wanted the party to "create a big tent" for pro-lifers "rather than shut them out."
    Nonetheless, Saturday, rival candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced that "being pro-choice is an utterly necessary part of becoming a Democrat."   

    Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was criticized last month for his response to a pro-life Democrat who asked if he would support the party adopting a "more moderate" abortion platform that is inclusive to all.
    "I support my party's stance," replied the former South Bend mayor, Indiana. "The best I can offer is that we might disagree on this very important issue and hopefully we can partner on other issues    

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