VIDEO Alec Baldwin: Trump Wants to Kill America.

VIDEO Alec Baldwin: Trump Wants to Kill America.

    Entertainer Alec Baldwin has recommended that President Donald Trump attempt to crush America yet that he has made progress towards becoming "scared" in the wake of acknowledging that he is unable to do it as such. 


    The 61-year-old, who has spent the last couple of years playing Trump on Saturday Night Live 's popular parody series, contended that Trump's mix of psychological condition and general ineptitude had proved "obliterating" for the country.

    "Trump has been in office for quite some time now. Clumsy is something. Nuts are something else. Both are crushing in the mix," Baldwin said. "Be that he hasn't yet executed America as it may be. We 're just like a rhino. A big, rugged rhino. He can not get us executed. He also knows that and is scared about it.  

    The Boss Baby star is scandalous about Donald Trump 's wild conspiratorial assaults, running from cases where he is "neurologically hampered" to contrasting the president with Adolf Hitler and Nazism. 
    Recently, Baldwin claimed that the Russian experts in the U.S. government were currently "responsible for everything," while also proposing that the Kremlin had requested the passing of the accused sex dealer Jeffrey Epstein. He gave no evidence of his cases.

    "The Russians have killed Epstein," he said. "They are now in charge of everything."    

    Luckily for watchers, Baldwin will not be doing his role as Donald Trump anytime long. In a meeting with USA Today in June, he confirmed that he was "so done" with the pantomime.
    "I can't believe I 'd do it again. I just can't," he said at the time. "They should discover someone who needs to do it. I feel I'm finished with that right now. I 'm finished with that so much."  

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