Nike Remains Quiet After Kaepernick Calls Independence Day a ‘Celebration of White Supremacy’

    After Colin Kaepernick, one of its leading pitchmen, called Independence Day a "celebration of white supremacy," Nike has not replied to a request for comment.
    As celebrations were going on around the world on Saturday afternoon, July 4th. Kaepernick has taken to Twitter and accused America of centuries of "dehumanizing, brutalizing, criminalizing + terrorizing" blacks.   


    As of the end of the 2016 season, Kaepernick, the original anthem protester of the NFL, has not played in the NFL. The NFL ultimately settled the suit with Kaepernick following a long court battle with the NFL, in which he accused the league of "blackballing" him and fellow activist Eric Reid, as well. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized recently for refusing to listen to Kaepernick and other demonstrators. He then went so far as to suggest he should "encourage" Kaepernick to join a roster.
    Nike has a history of tolerating radical activism by Kaepernick, and frequent attacks on America, particularly on July 4th. Only before Last year's Independence Day holiday,  News broke that Kaepernick had convinced Nike to sneak the "Betsy Ross Flag" sneakers the company had created to celebrate the founding of the country. As it turns out, Nike corporate executives had been approached by Kaepernick claiming that "he and others thought the Betsy Ross flag was an offensive emblem because of its connection to a period of slavery."

    Shortly after the complaint from Kaepernick, Nike has asked retailers to return the shoes.
    Although Kaepernick is far from Nike's # 1 pitchman, in a business that appears to be totally reluctant to challenge him, the former quarterback and initial anthem activist seems to be having immense control and power.      

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